Apart from cleaning and repairing of chakaras and getting back natural flow of energy in all chakars i provide below given service depends on person to person condition and circumstance.

Aura - " what is Aura ? "

We humans have 7 chakaras each chakara generate energy means 7 layers of energy means 7 layers of aura is formed. Suppose few chakaras are blocked or partially blocked or disturbed or some congestion is there then energy generated from those chakaras will be disturbed means flow of energy will be low / weak / stagnant means our aura is weak.

Aura cleaning - Our aura is effected daily whenever we interact with humans even if we are interacting for 10 seconds / 20 seconds / 1 minute 3 or 5 minutes our aura is effected. Our aura is effected when we interact with known or unknown people on telephone our aura is effected when we interact with known or unknown people on video call and most important our aura is effected when we visit new place. So we should clean our aura daily whenever we come back home in evening or night.

(Note - If aura of person we are interacting is good it will give good effect to our aura but if that person aura is not good it will effect our aura badly. It is clean by healer occassionally.)

Purification of house / room

our house or room have different type of energies.

1 – Energy from our family members.

2 – Energy from people who visit our home from outside

3 – Energy from wayward spirits which is staying inside our house for unknown reason.

Note - Negative / black energies are mostly clogged in those corners of room which are dark. It is also trapped in those rooms which are shabby and lots of things are laying in room. Also trapped where ventilation is not there and are closed for long time.

So it is advisable to purify our house or room twice in a week.

Spiritual counseling / counselling

After cleaning of chakars when natural flow of energy is restored person start to understand things in form of advice or guidance. Then those words work like wonders for people since mind of person is opened.

Charged Water

We healers can charge glass of water by holding it on our hands or by touching glass or water or through distance by our rituals through symbols. So after charging water it will not be normal water but a charged water / healing water. This charge water is occassionally given to person depends on situation of person to person.

Protection Shield

In healing we put person inside protection shield so that his aura should not be effected by unknown person bad aura or unknown location bad energy. Its like invisible bubble / pyramid / circle / cocoon. This is made occassionally for important days one or two days in advance depending on the sensitivity of person movement or interaction.