Pratap ( Abhijeet )

Welcome to my site. I am Pratap ( Abhijeet ) a cosmic healer by profession. I am into distance healing since 8 years and I have cured people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, phobias through distance healing. So am here to help those people who are disturbed by uninvited thoughts in their mind which is effecting their business, profession, relations & health. When we get stuck in life due to repeatative negative thoughts our emotions and feelings are effected due to which flow of our life is effected. Healing is my passion and helping people is the goal of my life.

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We humans have 7 chakaras each chakara generate energy means 7 layers of energy means 7 layers of aura is formed. Suppose few chakaras are blocked or partially blocked or disturbed or some congestion is there then energy generated from those chakaras will be disturbed means flow of energy will be low / weak / stagnant means our aura is weak.

our house or room have different type of energies.

1 – Energy from our family members.

2 – Energy from people who visit our home from outside

3 – Energy from wayward spirits which is staying inside our house for unknown reason.

After cleaning of chakars when natural flow of energy is restored person start to understand things in form of advice or guidance. Then those words work like wonders for people since mind of person is opened.

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